Chris Brown Christopher Wadsworth Brown
Six Generations of Wadsworth Proprietors
Six Generations of Proprietors - Established 1818

Samuel Bartlett Wadsworth
9/1/1791 - 10/2/1874
(Son of Revolutionary War General Peleg Wadsworth, who became famous for escaping from the British capture, helping to free Castine, Maine and later became a US Congressman. He was also Uncle to the famous Portland, Maine poet, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow.) Moved to Eastport, Maine from Portland in 1812 after the British arrived, and founded the Ship Chandlery in 1818 on Central Wharf.
(Turned over to son Samuel L. in 1864)

Samuel Longfellow Wadsworth 8/7/1830 - 9/20/1906
(Turned over to son Frank T. in 1906)

Frank Tenney Wadsworth 5/28/1862 - 11/22/1946
(Turned over to son Edward L. in 1927)

Edward Longfellow Wadsworth 4/1/1891 - 6/4/1967
(Turned over to son Edward G. in 1960)

Edward George Wadsworth 2/13/1924 - 4/11/1975
(Turned over to sister Kate in 1975)

Kate Wadsworth Brown 1/10/1927 - 11/26/1995
(Turned over to sons Christopher & Scott in September 1995)

Christopher Wadsworth Brown  (Current)
Scott Edward Brown      (Current)

Christopher Wadsworth Brown and Scott Edward Brown
Current 6th Generation Proprietors

7th GENERATION PROPIRETORS: Mark Brown, Kate Brown & Davis Brown
5th & 6th GENERATION PROPIRETORS: Edward George Wadsworth with Christopher Wadsworth Brown



1st GenerationChristopher Wadsworth (Born 1609 - Died 1677)  Arrived with brother William Wadsworth on the ship Lion to the Plymouth Colony on September 15, 1632.  Married Grace Cole (1630) and lived in Duxbury, Massachusetts from 1632 during which time he was the Constable of Duxbury.   Died July 31, 1677

2nd Generation - John Wadsworth (Born 1638 – Died 1700)  lived and died in Duxbury, Massachusetts.  In 1667 he married Abigail Adams (1647-1723)  

3rd Generation - John Wadsworth (Born 1671 – Died 1750)  lived and died in Duxbury, Massachusetts.  Married Mercy Wiswell (1680-1716) in 1704.

4 th GenerationPeleg Wadsworth (Born 1715 – Died 1774) Deacon of Church of Duxbury, Massachusetts.  Married (1740) Lusannah "Susannah" Sampson (1720 - 1788) who was daughter of John Sampson and his wife Priscilla Bartlett.

5th GenerationGeneral Peleg Wadsworth (Born Duxbury, Massachusetts May 6, 1748 – Died Hiram, Maine November 12, 1829) He married Elizabeth Bartlett (1753-1825) on June 18, 1772.  He Graduated from Harvard in 1769.   A trusted General on Washington’s staff, General Peleg lived in Portland, Thomaston, and Hiram, Maine and was captured by the British briefly and held in a British prison in Castine, Maine. In 1792 he became a Congressman from the District of Maine for 14 years. He and his wife, Elizabeth Bartlett, had 14 children including: Zilpah who became mother to Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, John who graduated from Harvard, Alexander who was Second Lieutenant aboard the frigate “Constitution” (Old Ironsides), Charles a Navy Captain, Henry a Lieutenant in the Army, Naval Commodore Alexander Scammell, (son) General Peleg Jr., and Samuel Bartlett Wadsworth who moved to Eastport from Portland and Founded S. L. Wadsworth & Son in 1818

6th GenerationSamuel Bartlett Wadsworth (9/1/1791 - 10/2/1874) COMPANY FOUNDER

7th GenerationSamuel Longfellow Wadsworth (8/7/1830 - 9/20/1906)

8th GenerationFrank Tenney Wadsworth (5/28/1862 - 11/22/1946)

9th Generation 
-- Prescott Kingsley Wadsworth  (10/11/1886 -   1970  ) - Tilton, Washington
Edward Longfellow "Ned" Wadsworth (4/1/1891 - 6/4/1967) - Eastport, Maine
-- Ronald Bibber Wadsworth (4/23/1895 - 8/24/1953) - Manchester, Connecticut

10th Generation
Edward George Wadsworth (2/13/1924 - 4/11/1975) - Eastport, Maine
-- Kate Wadsworth Brown (1/10/1927 - 11/26/1995) & Alcid Lorrane Brown (1/24/1919 - 11/26/1995) - Perry, Maine

11th Generation
Christopher Wadsworth Brown  -  Fort Lauderdale, Florida
-- Kingsley Alcid Brown (10/11/1960 – 12/05/1990)  - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
-- Scott Edward Brown  - Yarmouth, Maine

12th Generation
- Davis Kingsley Brown - Yarmouth, Maine
- Mark Alcid Brown  - Yarmouth, Maine
- Kate Jacqueline Brown  - Yarmouth, Maine

5th GENERATION PROPRIETORS: Kate Wadsworth & Alcid L. Brown
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3rd & 4th GENERATION PROPRIETORS: Ronald Bibber, Edward "Ned", Frank T and Prescott Kingsley Wadsworth
5th GENERATION PROPRIETOR: Edward G. Wadsworth with Cousin Kent Gilyard